Carpet Steam Cleaning Services


Carpet Steam Cleaning Services

Our carpet steam cleaning will help protect the health of your carpet and the health of your family.

While regular vacuuming is recommended (and certainly doesn’t hurt), sometimes it’s not enough – especially for a surface with such heavy traffic. Don’t risk using the wrong product trying to clean up a stubborn food or wine stain – ask MIH Cleaning Services about steam cleaning instead. Steam cleaning is the most effective and efficient way of giving your carpet a deep, thorough clean and removing all those common stains and dirty patches. Our methods are effective and won’t damage your carpet or void your warranty.

MIH Cleaning Services use environmentally friendly products and a deodorising and sanitising procedure to restore and rejuvenate your carpet, making it like new again in both appearance and feel. In the process we will get rid of all the pesky bacteria that builds up which can result in health issues for your family.

Spills, stains or dirt on carpets, rugs or mats – we can do it all. Our carpet steam cleaning service is perfect for an end of lease or spring clean of your home.

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